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lincoln as a tyrant, a man who introduced the draft, whole host of taxes in order to fight this war. a man who freed the slaves and one to fight a war to free the slaves. even after his martyrdom learned class is in the north continued to turn up in noses when lincoln's name was mentioned. 1972 charles francis adams and he also served in the lincoln administration as minister to great britain and before that as republican congressman. he delivered a memorial address after that that the former secretary of state william seward and portrayed in this address which was widely serialized, soared as the glue that kept the government together in perilous times. down to this hour no experiment has ever been made as that of elevating to the head of affairs a man with no little previous preparation. this might have been a set up whereby we could have said they got it worked well. he said only by good grace and locked it lincoln actually possess the wisdom to appoint as first minister sioux word, the mastermind of the government and savior of the union. naturally this speech enraged the lincoln famil
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1